At Barnfields Riding Stables we provide two Livery services, Full Livery or DIY Livery. Whatever service you have, you will gain access to all of our facilities, this includes two Flood-lit outdoor Menages, Jumping equipment, all year round (all day if required) turnout in mud paddocks, Grass turnout (except winter months) a Horse walker and a small Cross Country course that can be used of an evening when the fields are dry. We have 3 full time members of staff to look after your horse and the owners live on site meaning that there is 24 hour security.




  • 3 bales of Hay per week
  • 3 bales of Straw or 1 bale of woodchip per week
  • Mucking out
  • Basic short feed throughout the day (supplements to be supplied by you)
  • Turnout
  • Pick out of Feet
  • All rug changes
  • Watering throughout the day
  • Use of the Horse walker
  • Use of Ménage
  • All of the above will be for 7 Days a week
  • Price starts at £140
  • Grooming and Exercising are available at an extra cost
  • Discounts available for using less Hay or Straw
  • Woodchip available at extra cost



  • Stable and locker
  • Morning feed being put in (using your feed)
  • Water in the morning (if needed)
  • Turn out and bring in from fields (mon- sat)
  • Takeaway of manure
  • Use of Ménage
  • Use of horse walker



  • Full Livery: £9 per day (Includes Mucking out, pick out of feet, feeding all meals (using your feed), turnout and watering etc)
  • Hay: £7 per Bale
  • Straw: £4 per bale
  • Muck out: £4
  • Grooming: £5 (using your Grooming kit)
  • Exercising: £10 (Riding or Lunging)
  • Tack cleaning: £5
  • Feeding: £1 per feed (using your feed)
  • Rugs: £1 per rug
  • Putting on of boots: £0.50p
  • Poo Picking: £2
  • Putting horse on walker: £1
  • Private use of ménage: £5
  • Evening finish off : £4.50 (inc rugging up, feeding in and watering)
  • Holding your Horse for Vet: £10